What is Denism?


Verb: The act of living in Love, Balance and Harmony with one another and nature

Noun: A philosophy teaching others The Guided Quest for The Truth and how to Help Save our World for our Children.


Although some of us realize that we are facing extinction, most of us just have a sense that something wrong with our world and have little to no idea what it is and how to fix it. On this quest for truth I show you what it is and how to change. It is a very personal journey of questioning everything, finding the truth and changing our ways of life and teaching others how to Help Save our World for nature ourselves and our children.


Our paradigm, our values and beliefs have to change. Absolute centralization of power is the grand scheme of western society. Success is determined as the accumulation of wealth and power. Day in and day out, countless men and women go through the motions of life, living a hazardous lifestyle that over time has distressed our world and is continuosly diminishing our existence. Like crabs in a basket we tear each other down in hopes of gaining "success". Even after attaining riches, for some happiness remains a dream. We start drinking, smoking and developing other unhealthy addictions as a means of filling this void. A healthy giving and sharing society will restore the natural balance of society and encourage love, peace and harmony.

Western Values vs Denism Values

Fear vs trust in nature.

Centralization vs. Decentralization – spread out on the land.

Above and separate from nature vs we are expressions of nature within nature.

Segregation disintegration vs connectivity, love, integration, oneness, togetherness and fellow travelers.

Elitism vs we are of equal importance. Equality with nature and one another – compassion, mutual respect and appreciation.

Absolutism- black and white/good and evil/ vs shades of grey, to what extent, sensitivity to nuance.

Dependence on abstract monetary system vs dependence on natural economic system.

Denial of basic human rights vs human rights to land food water air knowledge and wisdom.

Ownership of land vs you cannot own your mother, who facilitates life, feeds and nurtures us.

Core Values of Denism

What must our values change to?  Love, connectivity, non-violence, compassion, mutual respect, and appreciation, giving and sharing... 


To change our values, we must start living in harmony within the natural cycles and balances of nature. Growing our own gardens, gaining our independence, and empowering ourselves through decentralization will enable us to live out these values.



I realized on my journey of discovery that how we think results in how we behave, and that is what manifests the world we live in. Changing the way we think and behave is essential if we want to change the world into a happy, harmonious, sustainable place to live.


But how do you get everyone to change. I realized very quickly that change begins with oneself, so I began to make many changes in my life. Then I realized that was a good start but not enough.


The majority of us have to change if we are to save the world. So how do you get a world of people to change when they do not even have a clue that they need to. “People need to feel with their hearts.”


Conscious people will naturally choose to change, so we need to make them aware and raise their consciousnesses. We need to get them to pay attention and focus, become conscious and aware. Awareness leads to an awakening and consciousness which leads to compassion. Awareness can be perceive from many perspectives: Situational environmental awareness. Personal awareness. Political awareness. If someone cries out help most people who are capable or helping will feel compelled to help. However if you did not hear the cry for help you would not help.


The Quest for Truth leads to knowing who we are, what we are, where we come from and where we are going.


Have you noticed that the world is in a mess? People are unhappy depressed distracted and chasing possessions and money while the world and they suffer the consequences. Can you see that it is not sustainable, and it will end in a very bad way if we continue to live as we do?


Change the way people think and thus behave and they will change the world.




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