Help Save Our World

Quest for the Cure

Every Cause Has An Effect



We and our world are being infected by a plague, a thought plague, more sinister than any disease we have ever encountered. It is making us all into unthinking, unhealthy, sick zombies… that believe so much that we forcefully perpetuate our system of values and beliefs without question, and leave carnage and destruction in our wakes. And when the consequences of our behavior affect us adversely we justify, blame others and take no responsibility for our thoughts and actions.


I have searched my whole life to find the causes of the disease, and now have the cure, which I will give you if you are willing to accept it. If you do, it will change your life forever and it will save our planet, and give your children and their children’s children the legacy of a wonderful healthy life on this beautiful planet we share.


Nuclear Disaster

Never before in the history has mankind had such world altering affects on planet earth. The nuclear disaster in Japan is a planetary disaster – when I was young I had no idea what a Geiger-counter was. Radiation fallout from Japan’s nuclear disaster will affect life on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years - way beyond our time. 


Natural Disasters

Earthquakes are larger than ever. When I was at school the Richter-scale only went up to 7 now they go to 8, 9 and 10 on the MMS scale. We have record numbers or tornados with immense destructive forces getting bigger and stronger. Hurricanes and tornadoes are becoming more powerful and numerous and destructive across the planet. Earthquakes are becoming bigger and more devastating creating record breaking tsunamis. Volcanoes are beginning to erupt with devastating atmospheric effects. We are upsetting the natural balances that made the previous age a far more environmentally balanced and stable age.


Driven To Extinction

Our rivers the life giving veins of our lands and continents are being blocked with dams killing life and biodiversity and driving people off the land and into cities.


Our forests are being hacked and chain sawed down driven back by forestry – for wood products – for cattle farming – for fast food and consumer products.


Western monoculture with its plowing, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are killing our natural ecosystems that sustain life on the land in the rivers and in our oceans. We are losing the very foundations of all life on this planet: microorganisms, insect, plant and animal life, our life giving topsoil and the plankton and life in the oceans – all for short term profits and private ownership. This world view has no appreciation, respect and love of nature and care for the perpetuating life and quality of life and nature. What will our legacy to the future be?



If you knew of a way to save our world would you not try?

Just a Few Ways You Can Begin To Help Save Our World:

  • Go on this quest. Change the way you think and behave.
  • Change what you do today and create a better tomorrow. Where you focus your attention your energy goes and creates your future. Don’t support what you don’t want to be your future.
  • Grow your own garden and stop buying from corporations: If you have to buy, buy from local independent small farmers/gardeners that use these methods: Polly culture; Permaculture; Natural agriculture; Organic gardening.
  • Slow down.
  • Reduce your consumption of everything,
  • Only shop out of necessity.
  • Don’t support large corporations.
  • We need to decentralize and empower the people not the rich.
  • Buy second hand,
  • Reuse stuff,
  • Buy products of small independent creative businesses.
  • Share or give away what you do not need and use regularly.
  • Don’t use disposable stuff – Carry your own non disposeable cup and bags or baskets – no bottled water –  no disposable coffee cups – no plastic bags.
  • Buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Don't buy packaged food.
  • Don’t pollute, our water and land and air with chemical, plastics, carbon dioxide.
  • Before using chemicals think would you like to drink that.
  • Don’t eat processed foods, genetically engineered foods, monocultures…
  • Plant the seeds from the foods you eat and look after them like your children.
  • If you can, gather a small community and move back onto the land, and begin to live sustainably.
  • Teach your children how to live in love, balance and harmony with nature and one another.
  • Our children are the future if we change how they think and relate to one another and nature we change our world forever.
  • Don't raise them to believe in religions.
  • Don't send them to schools that turn them into cogs in the machine that is killing our world.
  • Help me make this our way of life
  • Create systems that give it longevity.
  • Donate time and money to this cause
  • Tell others.

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