My Journey

“I was the youngest son of four children born to nature loving parents who separated when I was twelve. There after having little to no parental guidance. I learned early on to be take responsibility for my own life."


Who is Denis M?

I was born into this world with a life’s purpose: to help save the world. (This is my dharma); which can be yours.


I as most of us, came into this world through love. like most children knowing only truth, kindness and compassion, I was: trusting, honest, giving, non- judgmental and non-violent.


My mother and father raised me with love. They shared the land they had title to with the local Zulu chief and his wife Tandi. I spent a great deal of time with them. They taught me subsistence farming, and how to live in harmony with nature and with love and appreciation for others. They were my loving extended family in our communal paradise.


As I grew older, I went to schools that taught the western way of thinking. I was beaten many times until I learned the values and beliefs of our western culture through our education system and religions.


We lost our paradise through economics, monopolization and centralization - The values of the dominant religions. With the loss of our farm and basic human rights to land, water and food we were forced to move into the city.  Here I furthered my western education and I began to live our western way of life, competing and accumulating money for security, comfort and possessions…


I soon realized that I was working long hours, drinking a lot of alcohol and coffee to pick me up, eating large quantities of red meat and was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. I had become sick, depressed and unhealthy living that way. I had become a hamster running on the illusive wheel of success. Eventually I realized it was only an illusion designed to give short term wealth to a few, at the expense of the majority and the planet. We were playing a game of monopoly where only one man wins and the rest will be in debt if they want to continue to play.


My Quest for the Truth


Although I had always questioned everything and was my teachers nightmare, when I was twenty seven I went on an all out quest for the truth. My goal, to discover the underlying truth that is hidden from us all.. What I discovered on that quest changed my life forever. It was a journey of questioning everything to find the truth. Leading me to realize that our planet is in extreme trouble and unless we take responsibility and do something about it in a hurry, it would be too late. 


I realized that our western lifestyle is not sustainable, and if we continue as we are, we are doomed to extinction. We are destroying our children’s futures. Eking out very unhealthy and unhappy existences we are destroying all the natural eco-systems that are essential to sustain life on this planet. It is imperative that we change now before it is too late.  

My Life's Purpose

I have dreamt of my life’s purpose many times: I am in a transparent room in space. Sitting against a wall, I look to my right. Against the other wall are two other beings and we are telepathically communicating. One says that the planet earth is in trouble. I say I can do that once to them then again convincing myself, then again focusing my intent to do so, I begin to drift through the floor of the room, down towards a tennis-ball size planet that expands as I get closer. In the next scene, I am in a dark moss covered tunnel moving along in a Zen, safe and comfortable state. I move towards a light to the left then decide to move on to the right, as I head towards a light which grows brighter and yet non threatening. Eventually I am in a impenetrable dome. I make my way to the front and look through at a beautiful organic paradise. On the other side looking down, I see a flower bed and a beautiful rose. I wish to touch it, but nothing happens. I then begin to focus more specifically on one of its petals and see its velvet like texture. I begin to realize that my hand is forming, as it moves through the dome and into the garden. Reaching out I touch the flower and feel its electrical energy flow through my forming body, and send shivers down my spine, as I step into the garden. I am now part of this planet, and my journey of life from the garden of nature to help save the world begins with learning about life.

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