The Quest Books

Step by Step Guide and Answers to Life's Challenging Questions

Many people are sensitive and strong enough to change on their own. Some require a life altering experience – a NDE(near death experience), economic collapse, a death in the family or some event that changes them forever. One of my personal changes began when I had a near death, drunken beating from my brother; which helped me change my life. Every experience in life is a gift. The more horendous the experience the greater the gift.


My books provide insight to who I am, and how I determined my purpose. I share my journey with you in hopes that it will be a source of inspiration and encouragement as you endure the journey ahead. Each book will serve as a road map, guiding you through your journey.


You have nothing to fear, I do this with love for all humans and nature. I have no personal agenda or personal gains at heart, just the greater good of all and the survival of humanity and all life on this planet.The benefits will only improve your health and quality of life. It is also knowledge and wisdom, with which you can make your own decisions. No longer will you be just a Zombie or a hamster on a wheel, but the master of your own life and destiny.


I must warn you that it will be emotionally painful at times and a joyous experience at others.


If you are interested I invite you to journey with me, on a life altering quest for the truth.


Available Books

Gifts – giving and receiving we maintain the balance of life

Have you ever truly connected with nature and all of the energy around you?


Questing for the truth, we discover the natural wisdom of nature and the universal wisdom of universe. Giving and receiving is one of these wisdoms that are fundamental to the nature of the energy universe; which we should all live by.


Confronting the destructive nature of our abstract values and beliefs, we must decide to change and learn to live in harmony with the wisdom of the universe and nature and in harmony with one another or become extinct.


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The Feminine Revolution

The Universal Feminine Truth Unveiled.

Change the way you think, you change the way you live your life, and you change the world. 

Change the way you raise your children and you change the world in a few generations.

Your Quest Guide Book

If you went on a quest for the truth, wouldn’t you want the guidance of someone you can trust who has done it before?


Where would you begin?


What would you be looking for and how would you know the truth when you see it? 


Beyond the Age of Ignorance

Are you aware that we are facing extinction?


Do you ever ask why?


Do you believe everything you are told?


Are you willing to question your way of life?


If you knew the truth would you be willing to change your way of life?


Are you willing and able to go where this quest will take you?


Meditation, Dreams and Consciousness

Have you ever wondered why people meditate?

Would you like to learn how to remember your dreams and use them to guide your life?

What does consciousness mean to you and why is it important now?


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